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So, last night I traded in my 2010 Honda Accord for a 2012 Honda Accord with 37,000 miles on it. Mine had 81,000 on it already, LOL.

The 2010 Accord has been giving me major headaches in the last 5 weeks. It has a mysterious air conditioning problem that the dealership can't figure out. In the last 5 weeks, it has spent four full days at the shop, and even with the warranties has cost me $350. They fixed the ac long enough for me to make a trip back to Pennsylvania, but a week after I got home, the ac died again. Urgh! It was at the dealership two whole days this week, and when I went to pick it up yesterday after work, they weren't sure if the repair they made was going to last. They wanted to tear apart the evaporator casing, but my warranty wouldn't pay for it unless they actually found a leak when they did so. Which would leave me with a $1,000 bill if there's no leak. Apparently there's no way to check that casing for a leak without actually tearing it apart (it's under the dash, and the whole dash has to be removed to get to it-- a six hour job). So I told the service advisor to keep the damn car and walked into the showroom and bought the 2012 Accord. Hahaha.

I love this car! It's basically the same as my 2010 (same body style, same style interior), but they made some tweaks that make it so much better. Transmission is MUCH smoother, it doesn't have that annoying electronic hum, the stereo is better, the dash displays are more organized and user friendly, and the interior is beige and dark brown instead of all beige. The steering wheel is different and much more comfortable. This car is red like my other one, but with a slightly different tail light assembly.

It's rated for a slightly higher gas mileage, so I'm very anxious to see how that works out.

I'm really upside down on my car loan now, but hopefully this Honda will last a long time without the issues that other one was having. In addition to the ac problem, that car had a minor transmission slip and the cd player liked to burn up my cds. It was nickel and diming me to death! I did get this newer car for a very good price-- but I had to add a portion of my previous car loan on top of it, so that flipped it upside down. The dealership really did work with me on getting the newer car (they came down $2600 on the price) and gave me a reasonable trade on my 2010 even though they're going to have to wholesale it and not resell it on their used car lot. My car salesman also pulled the custom floor mats and trunk liner from my old car and put them in the newer one, LOL. I promised him I didn't see a thing....

It's going to be 95 degrees today, and it's really muggy and miserable. But I now have a car with a working air conditioner! Yay!

Date: 2014-06-20 05:29 am (UTC)
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Woot! That's awesome. Enjoy your air con.


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