Feb. 9th, 2013

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My beloved 2000 Honda Accord EX finally passed on last week. At 227,300 miles, the engine unexpectedly died. It may be kinda weird, but I loved that car. I drove it for ten years, spending an average of two hours every weekday in it. It carried me through some insanely dangerous conditions during the Nashville Flood, toted me through ice and snow storms, and zipped back and forth to various points in the US to visit friends or family. It never had a major mechanical issue and it never once left me stranded. It was comfortable and roomy enough to haul dog crates and assorted baggage, and it still got over 30 mpg. I MISS my car!
I've got a 2010 Honda Accord LX now. It's nice, it's big! (my, the Accords have grown over the years!) and it's red. It doesn't handle quite as well as my old EX (EXs are the sportier versions of Honda Accords), but it's adequate. I'm curious to see what the mpg will be, as I drive about 2000 miles a month. I'm sure I will grow to appreciate it, but right now I'm so sad over my old car! My ex husband says I'm strange because I cried over the death of my old Honda. Yeah, this coming from the guy who won't part with a decrepit truck he's been hanging onto for 20 years! Ha!
I told him it's not just grief over car death, but sorrow at the reality of car payments! I haven't had a car payment for years!


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