Jul. 4th, 2012

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It's the Fourth of July (you know, that big American holiday that involves lots of fireworks and outdoor grilling). I'm in the house hiding from the heat and watching random TV shows. I have discovered I really like a few of the nature oriented reality shows like "Swamp People" and "Gator Boys". The "Gator Boys" show is kinda cool because they actually rescue nuisance alligators from being killed by trappers. And they do it barehanded.

Anyhow, it's only supposed to be 98 degrees today. A cold front! Sheesh...

Joanne Soper Cook has deleted her LJ account. I have spent very little time there in months, so I have no idea why she did so. I see she has started a blog elsewhere, but it's pretty minimal at best. I have followed her writing for a few years and own four or five of her books-- I am curious as to why she left LJ. She was a prolific poster.

Read Lynn Flewelling's latest Nightrunners book the other week ("Casket of Souls"). Awesome book, probably the best since the original trio of novels. Also tried Anne Lyle's debut novel and quite liked it. Kevin Hearne's latest Atticus book is fabulous as well. My team leader and I especially love the Irish Wolfhound character in these modern druid tales. He can "talk" to certain people and is quite funny. We have an Irish Wolfhound at work, a gorgeous reverse brindle youngster. I haven't seen an Irish Wolfhound puppy in years and this one came clomping in the door a few months ago with a new employee. And I do mean clomp. He was barely ten weeks old and all feet and legs. He's still trying to figure out that whole "majestic dignity" thing. LOL. It was so weird; Amy and I were talking about the Hearne books one day and looked up to see this Wolfhound coming up the stairs.

Okay, enough randomness for one day. I'm off to read Barry Eisler's latest short piece. And to drink some good ol' Southern sweet tea.


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