Jun. 3rd, 2012

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I didn't realize it has been so long since I posted anything on LJ. I try to stop by and read posts when I have time, but...
I just got back from a week visiting family in PA. I took my friend Jana with me for the drive (about 13 hours), because she was dying to see the Amish. My parents live in Lancaster County, PA, which has the second largest population of Amish in North America. We had a good time doing all the touristy Amish stuff, LOL.
My team leader from work moved in with me for a couple of months eariler this year (marital issues) and I didn't charge her any rent, so she house sat the dogs for me for free. Heckuva deal.
I'm feeling okay. Had a go round with shingles in May that totally sucked, but it's gone now. Trust me, you don't ever want that experience!
I have been push mowing my own yard but will have to pay someone soon to do that for me. It's too damn hot already. We've been in the 80s and 90s since beginning of April!
I've been going to the gym at the county recreation center for about three months now. It's quite nice and very cheap. My friend Jana and I go at least twice a week. I figure mowing the yard counts as my third workout day, LOL. Hey, I've got a big yard! I was surprised to find how debiliated I had become from the damn MS. I still can't do the treadmill without hanging onto the bars because I can't keep my balance. But I'm getting stronger and my stamina improves every week.
Work still sucks big time and I hate being trapped there. I love the company I work for but I hate my particular job and I especially dislike my manager. My plans to move back into the medical field evaporated with my MS. I can't afford to lose my medical insurance. Oh well.
My beloved Honda has rolled over 213,000 miles and it's still faithfully transporting me. It drove like a champ this past week-- I put about 2000 miles on it. At 33 miles per gallon. I love my car even if it is old and a bit raggedy.
Okay, time to quit putting off cleaning my bathroom...


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