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Ugh, I need to post more often...
Pretty much the same old, same old here. I have been officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia on top of my MS. This is a very new diagnosis for me and I'm still adjusting. I am allergic to most of the medications they use for fibro, so my internist tripled my neuropathy meds in hopes that will be effective. It actually seems to be helping, but I'm having a really hard time acclimating to the higher doses.
My parents are doing well in their assisted living facility. My dad quite likes it. He is down the hall from his older brother (my beloved Uncle Dick is 92!) and they visit every day. He enjoys the fact that he can take his numerous daily walks even in bad weather because everything is indoors. I set him up with cognitive therapy twice a week, and he is very engaged in that. My mother is slowly adjusting to her new reality and is a bit depressed about the loss of her beautiful home and I think she is a bit lonely. Her best friend died last summer of cancer, so she is still figuring out how to deal with that. She and Holly did everything together. But she is relieved that she has resources now to help her with my dad.
I'm fighting with my home owners insurance about getting a new roof on my house. I've had the roof repaired three times in the last year already. I got clipped by a tornado, (boy, that was one night I spent in the bathtub with my dogs! I'm not scared of bad weather, but damn, I've never heard wind like that in my life!), we've had terrible storms with really high winds, and lots and lots of hail. Big hail. Golf ball sized hail. Ugh. I'm tired of shelling out a hundred bucks every couple of months to get Big Yank (don't ask-- he's quite a character) out to fix my roof. It needs to be replaced. My insurance company disagrees. We'll see who wins this battle, lol.
Everything else is pretty much quiet. I've been making an effort to get out more and spend time with friends. It's very easy for me to be in the house for a week at a time and not speak to anyone. Working at home can be very isolating.
My flowers are blooming, the yard looks good, and my dogs are all well.
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