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Geez, gone a long time between posts again. Sigh.
Well, I did finally land a job. Took me almost 3 months. It doesn't pay what I'm used to-- which I have adjusted to-- but the biggest issue is the medical benefits are dreadful. And due to my MS, I have enormous medical bills. Soo... I have been forced to file bankruptcy.
Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of a full blown MS flare (my first in several years) and not doing well at all. That's been going on for almost a month now and showing no signs of abating, damnit. I am in the process of adjusting to a new MS medication (an oral one), so I'm hoping if it works for me, it will start working soon! I'm quite miserable and painful at the moment.
I am still able to work, thank god. I am working as a claims examiner and I actually quite like it. There is no phone work involved at all and it keeps my brain busy. I find I enjoy figuring out the intricacies of healthcare billing and solving any problems. Right now I am a bit hampered by MS "fog" (uncooperative brain!) but I am fighting my way through.
I'm still loving the 2012 Honda Accord I bought in June and it's getting very good gas mileage. It also proved to be a real trooper in the horrible weather we had this winter. My job site was forced to close on several occasions in February and early March due to severe ice storms.
Well, let's see how long it takes me to post again! Argh, I really need to get organized...


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