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Hmm, I haven't posted in long time. Probably for good reason, LOL. I'm not much fun these days.
Still getting used to the new car. It's nice though.
My job? They've introduced a new computer program for us to use-- with no training. WTF? Oh, they tried to train us a couple of times, but the system kept crashing. But they insisted on making us start using it. Guess what? IT STILL DOESN'T WORK. My job right now is a nightmare. My department told the powers that be, that this system wouldn't work properly for us (even when it's not crashing) but they don't listen to us. Now, the corporate bigwigs are freaking out because, oh, guess what, it doesn't work for us and they can't pull their precious reports, etc.
And people wonder why I smoke...
Two weeks ago, my beloved Emmy died in her sleep. She had been fading, but was still eating and drinking and happy to go hang out in the yard in a sunny spot. She truly didn't seem ready to go yet. I got up for work one morning and she was dead in her crate. Quite the shock. Needless to say, I didn't go to work that day. I took her body to my vet for private cremation. My coworkers called my vet and found out how much the cremation was going to be, and they took up a collection to pay for it. $150! I don't think anybody has ever done anything that thoughtful for me. Ever. The girls (and the IT guys) said they knew how devastated I was, and that I don't have that kind of money at hand, so they just wanted to help.
I miss her every day. Stubborn old dog. She took the decision of euthanasia out of my hands and went when SHE felt it was time. I"ve had a lot of dogs and I've loved them all, but there are a precious few who are special. Emmy was one of them. She came to me from a terrible life. She was heartworm positive, had two kinds of cancer, and then a serious bladder issue-- but she didn't let any of it knock her down. She enjoyed her three years with me, and she made me laugh every day. You really can't ask for more than that.
I've started a new MS drug -- hopefully it'll work.
Hope everyone else's life is swimming along. I've not had time to catch up on my reading page for a long time. I can't get on LJ at work, which is a total drag.
Anyhow, sun's out, spring is definitely here, and it's all good...

Date: 2013-04-15 08:49 pm (UTC)
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*hugs* She was luck to have you.

The new system seems like a pain in the arse! What is it with TPTB foisting systems that don't work on people?

Fingers crossed on the drug working.


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